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The Secret Way to know the Network of a Phone Number that No one told you about

It can prove quite challenging if you want to purchase data or airtime for a person as a surprise but you do not know the network the individual uses. If it’s someone you live with or are presently with you could try to look into their SMS application and see which network(s) they receive notifications from, but that would be snooping – which is very wrong. On the other hand, you could ask them; but that would make them suspicious and just give you away.

Well, fear not! Nigeria might be a bit scattered, but at least her telecommunication organisations have a system they follow which helps you identify them. In order to know if a phone number is MTN, Airtel, Glo or 9mobile, the secret lies in the first four digits of the phone number.

Below are the starting four digits unique to each telecommunication brand:

1. MTN – 0803, 0703, 0903, 0806, 0706, 0813, 0810, 0814, 0816

2. AIRTEL – 0802, 0902, 0701, 0808, 0708, 0812

3. GLO – 0805, 0705, 0905, 0807, 0815, 0811, 0905

4. 9MOBILE – 0809, 0909, 0817, 0818

You can confirm this with your phone number and th0se of your friends that you know their network.

Try purchasing data or airtime now via the Skulive VTU Website and see if it works.


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