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DATA RESELLING - The Business of the Youth

Data reselling is the act of using an already running website with set prices to sell data and virtual services such as airtime, Cable TV subscription, etc to an audience.


Research has shown that Nigeria spent approximately 3.25 Trillion Naira on airtime, data, and other telecommunication services in the year 2021. As most people are becoming aware, the new gold mine is in the digital market and one aspect of it that is a secret treasure is the Telecommunication business.

You can relate that a person spends an average of 500NGN every week, which estimates up to 2,000NGN a month on average. Imagine tapping into the back room of such services. Telecommunication has more than enough customers willing to pay.

Of course, to take full advantage of Telecommunication business one has to be their own boss through and through. But in cases where a person cannot afford purchasing a website and going through the formalities of a data API, an alternative is available which is our concentration topic of the day – Data Reselling.


Being a data reseller is simple and easy with all you need being a reliable VTU website source, good internet connection, a bank account or virtual wallet and as little as 1000NGN. The steps to launch your business are as follows:

1. Find a reliable and very affordable VTU website such as Skulive VTU website.  

2. Create an account by registering a form with few details such as a username and password.

3. Verify your account with a code sent to your email.

4. Log in to the website and get yourself familiar with the layout.

5. Create a flier for your business with your own prices (Original price + your profit) and share it to people.

6. Fund your wallet with any amount you want to use as capital.

7. Congratulations! You are now a data reseller.


Skulive VTU website provides many services for a data reseller. With the Skulive Virtual Top-Up website, you have access to the following services:

1. Virtual Top-Up on all telecommunication networks

2. Airtime Printing

3. Data on all networks

4. Cable T.V. subscription.

5. Electricity Subscription.

6. Education scratch cards (Eg; WAEC, NECO, etc)

7. Bulk SMS.


But what if you can afford a VTU website, what then is it all about and how do you go about it? The next blog post has something special for you.

Be a data reseller now with the Skulive VTU website and become your own boss today!

Your Fun Blogger,

Ije-AweleUwa Wisdom.

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