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Nigerians who Pay $92,000 are chased out of U.S. hotel

It’s not uncommon to see a crowd at an event held by Nigerians. For some reason, the trend of ‘invitation only’ is never adhered to and even if it is, guests always find a way to bend it to their taste. “He is with me”, “He is my cousin.” “He is my sister’s neighbor’s cousin’s stepfather’s mistress’s long lost relative.” Sometimes, you wonder if people bring all these extras as a chance to get more food. Well, as far as I remember, we all have personal stomachs.

This might be accepted in Nigeria, but in countries where the level of law and order is higher than the citizens of the black nation are used to, such is not allowed and it is highly punishable. Yes, you can be punished for bringing your sister’s neighbor’s cousin’s stepfather’s mistress’s long lost relative.” Unfortunately for our brothers and sisters who went to the US and thought they could invite the uninvited and create a rowdy gathering, the U.S. police force showed them otherwise.

Earlier this week, a couple of Nigerians of Igbo origin booked a hotel hall space allegedly worth $92,000 for their annual gathering. Guests came in their masses and exceeded about a thousand people. The crowd is said to have been so much that other hotel occupants became uncomfortable as there was not even enough room for them to move around freely, and go to their rooms; in simple words, the hotel was filled to the brim and overflowing. This immediately became a great concern for the hotel staff and immediately the hotel security, alongside the police, was contacted and all the attendees were dismissed.

A lot of controversial statements have come up regarding this event, with the Igbo Nigerians crying out that the hotel was carrying out an attitude of discrimination towards them because of their color and ethnicity. It is also stated that the hotel did not refund the massive amount that was used to book the hall space, though this has not been verified true. Looking at normal ethics and the contract signed, the hotel had every right to send the Nigerians out as they were strictly told the hall will only occupy 500 people. According to a source, the Nigerians would not have encountered all this if they were unaware of the specific capacity of the hall. Since they were well aware, and still ignored the rules they were given, natural forces had to be taken.

Well, there you have it. What do you have to say about this event? What would you have done if it were you or you were in attendance?


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