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Mozambique Pastor Dies From extended 40 Days and Fasting

A Mozambique Pastor, Francisco Barajah, has given up the ghost  after he attempted to fast for 40days just like Jesus Christ, sources say.

According to reports, Barajah, the founder of Santa Trindade Evangelical had only fasted for 25 days before he went down with sickness. He was taken to a hospital in Beira in Mozambique' s Central Province where he unfortunately died.

Witnesses noticed that Barajah lost a lot of weight and deteriorated day by day to the extent he could not properly take care of his daily needs like bathing and dressing, due to excessive weakness. Despite efforts by doctors to revive him, he gave up the ghost.

A lot of speculation is going around about people who are trying to 'overdo' in the ways of Christ. As past stories came out of a pastor in Nigeria, Evangelist Chidi Eke, who died after embarking on the mission in the Ngor Okpala council area of Imo State.

A source said, " During the first and second week of his fast, people who had gone to their farms heard him singing and praying loudly. But after the third week nobody heard his voice again and most people thought that perhaps he must have gone deep into meditation. But one of his church members who became worried and insisted that he needed to visit him at the forest. "

Even though the member faced resistion from the community, he still held strimg on his goal to find the Evangelist. Unfortunately, the body of the Evangelist was found to be already decomposing. The governorship of the town has made a rule against anyone going into the forests to fast and pray. Unfortunately, there are no reports to show whether the death of the Evangelist was actually from the fasting or something sinister in the forest.


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