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Baby Number Two Already? - Queen of Pop Strikes Again

Being a queen in the entertainment industry has it perks, the best being you can send the whole world into a flurry with just a wink of an eye, a holding of the hand or the revealing of a baby bump on the biggest stage in history.

Rihanna's Bump reveal on Super Bowl Stage

When the world heard of the news of Rihanna pregnant in 2021, it was filled with both excitement and sorrow. For her fans and secret mother's, we were all happy that she had finally laid down and decided to unpause her life in the 'Way-of women's path. For her crushes and secret admirers (*cough* DonJazzy), it was a time of tears as they knew their chance had been taken. As usual she gave us the surprise and showcased her baby daddy, A$AP the Rapper, someone we would never have suspected.

Rihanna and her boyfriend, A$AP

Once again, just yesterday, our Pop Diva has put us in a flurry by revealing a baby bump of her second child during her 13-minute long performance on the super bowl stage. Dressed in a full on-red ensemble and jacket, the 34-year-old didn't skip the chance to reveal the bun hidden in the oven. Though she made no comments about it, we can be sure the rumours which circulated earlier in the year of her pregnancy officially true.

With her first baby just 9-months old, we all look to see what ravenous fashion style this new mother will show us as she did in her first pregnancy.

Rihanna's 2021 Pregnancy Fashion

Fans have been congratulating her since after the show, alongside fellow celebrities, namely her Ex, Chris Brown, who sent a subtle post on Instagram which the Rihanna fans quickly decoded to be for her, from the time it was posted.

Chairs Brown's Instagram Post

Although according to Super Bowl's policy, our Pop Diva will not get paid for the awesome show she performed in the event. This is because the Super Bowl is deemed the biggest stage in a musician's music career with over 200 million viewers and appearing there is enough to skyrocket any artist's album sales by over tensfold. 

She didn't get the money, but she sure got the entire world's attention with her reveal.

Way to Go Girl.


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