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UNN Student Assaulted by Lecturer

A rare occurrence has happened in University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

On the 13th of February 2023, a first year student of English and Literal Studies, named Anonymous, was allegedly assaulted by a lecturer.


On that very day, the lecturer (name withheld) requested all first year students to leave the hall for him to proceed with his lectures with the final year students. The first year students were still quite numerous and delayed as they were struggling to finish signing their attendance record, which caused rowdiness and much of noise. They were not aware of the presence of the Lecturer at the front of the hall. At the frustration of the delay and efforts to calm their noise, the lecturer picked up a stone and threw it to a group of first year students who were in a big group. Unfortunately, our Miss Anonymous got hit and began bleeding profusely.

Miss Anonymous is currently recuperating in the school medical centre as the lecturer has been held under custody by the security department of the school. The students immediately began chanting as, according to eye witnesses, the lecturer showed no remorse at the accident. The final year students fought to defend their lecturer, but the chaos of the first years eventually attracted the attention of the security department.

Students in other years and staff have made pleas to the first years not to take justice into their own hands and do anything that may incriminate them.


More news of this will be blogged as we pray for justice to prevail against the senior lecturer.


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