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What is Right and Wrong? Mmesoma Confesses to her crime; JAMB fights back

The JAMB body has been thorough with their investigation and the result, to the disappointment of the masses, is that Ejikeme Mmesoma indeed falsified her result. After this discovery by the JAMB body, Mmesoma also confessed to her crime, and her father came up to plead that his daughter had unfortunately not confided in him early enough about her crime.

Currently, JAMB still upholds their punishment of suspension for three years, alongside the dismissal of her original result. This has broken the hearts of many with a lot of her supporters going silent. Innoson is said to have also withdrawn their scholarship worth three million naira which they had promised in the eventuality that she was found innocent. Although the event pains everyone, her biggest supporter of all, BitcoinChief, announced he would still be sponsoring her education abroad. He also lashed at JAMB, calling their punishment towards her “Too Harsh”.

“If there is no sin, then there is no need for forgiveness!” he wrote in his tweet. “You can cry all you want. I will still sponsor her. It is my money.”

“All she needs is to be corrected with love and explain to her why she shouldn’t do it again and then give her a chance to be celebrated the right way.”

Tweet by BitcoinChief

BitcoinChief also likened the JAMB case to that of INEC and the President of Nigeria, Bola Tinubu, who was recently accused of falsifying a degree from a university in the United States.

“Dear All! I will still sponsor MMesoma. Whether she agreed or not, that’s not my problem. Suppose illegality was not celebrated openly like INEC swearing in a President who didn’t win the elections; a president with a forged certificate and no trace of primary to university education. If Nigeria didn’t celebrate elected officials who rig elections, etc. Young people won’t see a reason to forge certificates and be celebrated openly. While we address this, we must look at the entire society.”

“If you want us to accept, celebrate and defend a President who rigged the election with forged certificate, we must also not destroy little girl’s future with a forged certificate.”

“I will personally call her and explain to her that JAMB numbers don’t define how far she can go in life and next time she shouldn’t bother forging one.”

“I and our company @voiceoftheeast will still SPONSOR her.”

Tweet by BitcoinChief

BitcoinChief’s message comes with a lot of mixed feelings. From one angle, we have to think about the bad name she had given herself, her school, and her family, not also forgetting those she might have tagged liars in order to defend her stand of being right. At the same time, we have to think of pardoning her for being a child who just wanted to make her parents proud. Mmesoma is said to have been a top student for a primary part of her educational life, and it would obviously be a shock and a real disappointment to bring out such a score for someone of her caliber.

Truly, BitcoinChief was right to say that one’s JAMB score does not determine how far one can go in life but using the country’s situation to justify her act is all shades of wrong. The fact that everyone around you is bad does not give a person the right to follow negative values. Looking at the usual way in which Nigerians are quick to copy, how sure are we that other youngsters will not do the same or be pressured to do the same by their parents/guardians in order to get some unmerited favor, giving the same reason that they are allowed to behave like their elders? What about Mmesoma when she becomes older? Will she actually learn from this and go on the right path or will she be happy her luck did not completely burn out and continue to devise more ways to loot favour? What if she assumes a status/position of authority? Will she be fair or will she learn to pardon people’s mistakes and not judge them?

Indeed, the closing scene of this story has a lot to say about how this country is going. On one hand, the youth are desperate to become successful and not be held back by the limitations of the country. On the other hand, elders are giving youths the benefit of the doubt to engage in fraudulent and frivolous activities because they have failed.

What exactly is the right end to this story? Is JAMB actually being too harsh with their punishment? Is BitcoinChief right with his statement of comparison? Should he be allowed to sponsor her education? Let us know how you feel in the comments section.


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