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The youths are the leaders of tomorrow is something that Nigeria is becoming aware this year. After the massive battle in the Presidential, Senatorial and HOR elections that brought the unknown Labour Party into the limelight through the influence of youths, candidates from other parties and other posts are trying to get the younger generation of voters on their side.

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) gubernatorial candidate, Peter Mbah, is among the few who has seen the importance of young voters in their campaign. The candidate was reportedly spotted on his knees begging youths in Enugu State to vote for him in saturday’s governorship election.

This comes after 'Obidients', had disgraced Mbah when he visited Ugw Di Nso Annual Youth Lenten Retreat to solicit support ahead of the state gubernatorial election on Saturday 11, March, according to Naija News.

According to the in Naija News,

"The youths refused to listen to him nor allow him to address the church as they repeatedly chanted “Obi! Obi!! Obi!!!.”

"The PDP candidate also shared drinks during the visit but the youths threw away the drinks, shouting they do not need them."

Indeed the 'Obidients' youth have proved vexed and will not be shaken by subtle or pronounced forms of bribery or persuasion.

In other reports, Former Governor Wike of Rivers State was also seen in the market square begging the young and old Igbo traders to support his candidate in saturday's election, under the pourimg rain.

Nigerian Candidates have become aware that the youth indeed are a powerful force in this election, as they even resurrected a local okada man into a power of office with their votes.

Is this the Beginning of the New Era of Youth Voice in Nigeria?


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