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US Court Charges Nigerians for Illegal Acquisition of Certificates

The Texas District Court has charged 23 women, Nigerians inclusive, for the possession of illegally purchased Transcripts and Certificates. These women, who are working nurses in the country are being charged with the crime of not having completed nursing, but using fraudulent means to become nurses.

The sale of transcripts and certificates gives unqualified participants the cha.ce to sit for the qualifying nursing exam, and I'd they pass, such unqualified individuals can become resident nurses or vocational nurses anywhere in the United States. This alone is a threat to the heath sector of the country and actually puts a great risk on the wellbeing of patients who are attended to by these unqualified nurses. 

Whether it be a means to quickly elope the country or a quick-money-scheme, Nigerians have once again brought reason for foreigners to question the credibility of her citizens and put us at an untrustworthy pedastal. This has also put doubt on the nurses that actually completed their studies 

According to the investigation, the total amount of certificates number up to almost 7,600 from three nursing schools in Florida, namely: Siena College, Palm Beach Nursing School and Sacred Heart International College. 

The names of the suspected fraudulent nurses have been published by public announcement on January 25th. The nurses however are still allowed to work as proof have not been found on whether they're transcripts and certificates are indeed illegally purchased. If found guilty, these women will be charged with 20 years improvement in the US.


Once again, the credibility of the 'Shady Nigerian ' has been put to question by the foreign body. Let us make prayers that our sisters in Texas, Florida are indeed innocent and bring glory to our name as a country.


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