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Cashless Valentine

100 Naira is Red,

1000 Naira is Blue,

No new naira in banks,

All I have is you.


To say this year started as a bumpy ride would be spot on. With over 60% of Nigerians not having sat on a spot for more than 20 minutes due to constantly looking for the new currency, some people have ruled out valentine for the year. Jokes are even circulating that the best valentine gift to give ones bae or boo would be a piece of the new currency, no matter how small. Transfers and checks are being looked down on, and we definitely know we might not see those money flower bouquets on IG this year (Well, except you have a thousand pieces of 50 Naira).

So without the cash in hand, what can you give your special someone(s) this Valentine. Here are some crazy fun things to give your Val.

P. S This post was written with the broke man in heart.


1. Chocolate

A box of assorted chocolates

Ahh... Chocolate, the one thing we cannot do without on Valentine's Day. Till today, many wonder why this particular candy is worshipped on this auspicious date. Chocolate is something both the cashful and cashless can purchase without much effort. Fox Chocolate, Cadbury, Sneakers, Galaxy, KitKat, Mars… Eclairs, Milo Crunchies, Milo Cube, Dr. Milk. Who says you have to get the most expensive one? As long as you have that tasty mucky feeling in your mouth, it counts. Plus, for my adventurous buddies, if you have Milo, sugar, water and a fridge, you can have a chocolate date at home. Why waste money buying a chocolate brand you're not familiar with when you and your partner (s) can liven things up and make your own style of chocolate? Making things together has proven to be great in relationship building.


2. Books

A catalog of Nigerian Novels

Some people may not think of this, but yes, this is one of the top gifts to give your Val. With a bunch of cardboard, markers or a plain notebook, you can make an analog of your love proclamations or a home-made photo album for your precious someone. If DIY is not your style, you can gift them with a novel, Textbook or inspirational work. Even if you break up, they definitely remember you whenever they pick up that 'P.N Okeke' or 'Mathematics 101 for University Students' textbook (Ain't that nice?). What better way to show your love than to show you care about their academics? 


3. Casual Date

A man and a woman on a date

Trust me, this is a winner. As much as physical gifts are readily appreciated, some of us just want to spend time with that person instead of being thrown thousands of gifts. A date can be anything from a stroll along the street to buy cherry and lick it one shop, to going to ShopRite and buying all the goodies in Kilimanjaro. With the weather boiling hot, you can rank up your generator or charge up your power bank and watch some cool movie or series from your TV, phone or laptop (It doesn't have to be romance, whatever you two want is great).


4. Fuel

People queueing to buy fuel

I don't know about you, but if someone comes to my door and asks to be my Val with a 50-litre gallon of fuel, I'll fall head over heels. In this new year system of scarcity of almost everything, you can try hustling for that special someone. No bae/boo will reject the priceless jewell of the nation, petrol. Plus, you can use the moment to profess and prove you can actually do anything for them. It doesn't have to be 50-gallons, just hustle something they really want and you might get a little reward of appreciation.


5. Food

A plate of Nigerian Jollof Rice

They say the way to a man's heart is through the stomach. I believe this is a lie. Actually, the way to anyone's heart is the stomach (Okay, one of the ways). If you can't figure out what to buy for your special buddy, try getting them something to eat. You could drop by their workplace with something edible, or prepare something for the both of you to relax back and enjoy. And if you don't know their favorite dish, try going for something that usually everyone would like. And if you do this as a guy, trust me when I say you've done very well. If you can't cook, buying foodstuff or provisions isn't so bad either.

Some other nice gifts you can give are:

Data, Airtime, Jewelry, Electronics, Plushies (Stuffed teddy bear), Toys, Ornaments, Clothes, Window Serenade (Please check their parents aren't home before you do this), and many more. 

Valentine isn't about getting expensive gifts. It's not a time to drain your bank account and life savings. It's not a time to bill that guy to death (Please my girls, take it easy). Valentine is for both male and female humans (...animals and spirits) to show how much they love their other person. It must not be a romantic interest either, love can be platonic as well as romantic.

Now don't be shy with your gift. Be as creative and surprising as you can be. Break the norms and enjoy your day together.


Happy Valentine's Day in advance my loves.



Your Fun Blogger,

Ije-AweleUwa Wisdom.


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