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Top 5 Nigerian Breakfast Foods You Can Never Go Wrong With

If you go into any Nigerian home in the wee breakfast hours, your're bound to see a trend of food. Since we practically all eat the same food, it's not surprising everyone in the same class eats the same thing for breakfast:

Here are five of the most common breakfast foods in Nigeria:

1. Bread and...

Bread, tea and Egg

….Egg, Tea, Butter, Jam, Nutella, Peanut Butter, stew… Toasted, Fried, Microwaved, Mishai-ed. Remember when you were still in primary school and you would eat nothing but bread every morning; well, even adults still eat it. In fact, bread is written as the most eaten food for breakfast, with even some countries and religions making it a necessity for all their meals. Bread can be eaten with anything at all, so don't be scared to be creative. It is also the most eaten food in the world and the one "dish" that is eaten in every tribe in the world.

2. Fried Puffs

A plate of akara

​​​​​​Some people might not be too familiar with buns or puff-puff as breakfast items, but we should all be familiar with akara. This smooth bean cake can come in all shapes and sizes, taste and colors and just like our number one breakfast item, it can be eaten with anything - Pap, Custard, Oats, Bread, Water, etc I've even some people chow this down with beans (Is that normal?) And even if you can't make it, there's always the nice lady down the street that cooks it in surplus for the whole community. Buns and Puff-puff are also breakfast food, but not as common as akara.

3. Smooth Curds

I could not think of a general name for these guys, so we will go with curds - Custard, Pap, Dawa-dawa, (Quaker) oats, Golden Morn. These guys are not only like their neighbors, eaten with anything, but they can be eaten alone and still keep you full. This is also a personal favorite of mothers with young children and toddlers. There are many options available and you can make them in less than 5 minutes. This group should be given the award of the fastest breakfast.


4. Tubers

Fried Yam and Plantain with Stew

Yam, Potato, Cassava, Cocoyam, Plantain (Not exactly a tuber, but let's just sneak it in). Like most people, I prefer this fried, but you're also free to have these boiled, roasted, grilled, chipped or whatever method there is. They can be eaten with almost anything too, leaving room for creativity. With plantain being the lightest of the group, it is often eaten with one or more of it's brothers. This group of friends can be eaten with sauce, stew, beans, smooth Curds, water or with a dip.


Last but not the least...


Eba and Okro Soup

You read that right.

Now you might be surprised to see this on the breakfast menu, but by the time you become a UNIPORT, UNIBEN or UNN student, you will find yourself chugging this down on a regular basis. This is one of the most common breakfast items because of its regularity with university students who usually have no other opportunities to eat through out the day except breakfast and most times are too lazy to make dinner. Favourites include Akpu, Fufu, Semovita, Eba, Pounded yam. Eba is not really adviced for mornings because it's basically like water in the system and you get hungry in less than two hours (from personal experience), but the heavier, the better. And don't worry about sleeping in class, it'll keep you energized, not tired.


Did I miss any other famous Nigerian breakfast?

What's the most common breakfast item in your location?

Drop them off in the comment section and let's see what others think.


Your Fun Blogger,

Ije-AweleUwa Wisdom.



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