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NLC Protest Leaders might go to Jail: Federal Government files a Lawsuit

It is not a new information that the Labour Congress have been locked in a battle with the federal government ever since the inception of the Tinubu regime which came into power on the 29th of May, 2023. The Congress has dragged timelessly for the new government to restructure its decisions which have caused a strong hold on the economy of the country.

Several other national bodies, alongside the Labour Congress, have made attempts on strikes and sit-at-home motions in order to steer the government into action. However, time and time again they have been ordered by the government and the supreme court against undergoing any of such actions else they reap unfortunate repercussions.

With the recent hike in the price of petrol and other fuel products, the Congress made known about two weeks ago that it will not sit still to any more stresses on the economy. On Wednesday, August 2nd 2023, the Labour Congress underwent a mass protest issuing to emphasize its discontent with the new regime.


The national government has initiated a law suit against the heads of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress (TUC) over Wednesday's protest against fuel subsidy expulsion. The move, sent off at the Public Modern Court in Abuja, looks to have the work chiefs imprisoned for their supposed demonstration of noncompliance to the court's structure.

The coordinated work, on Wednesday, arranged a cross country protest to urge the public authority to either re-establish fuel subsidy or enhance the difficulty occasioned by the strategy shift, instigating the federal government which had in June gotten a court request to upset a cross country strike by the trade unions. The protest, most exceptional in Lagos and Abuja on Wednesday, was in disobedience to a prior advance notice of the equity service, which had said the carrying out the protest would add up to a noncompliance to a court order made in the month of June banning the association from setting out protesting.

The national government, through the Government Service of Equity, had harshly cautioned in an explanation on 26th July that the arranged strike by the association would be a scorn of court, an offense that is deserving of imprisoning.

It expressed on Wednesday that the order given by the National Industrial Court in Abuja affected, not only strikes, but additionally any type of modern activity coordinated to go against the removal of fuel subsidy.


Following Wednesday's protest by the labour unions, the justice ministry moved toward the industrial court to start a lawsuit suit against the leaders of the Labour Congress. The ministry documented a notification of outcomes of rebellion to the order of court, likewise referencing to Form 48, the first of the two phases of a contempt suit.

The notice was addressed to the NLC President, Joe Ajaero; Deputy Presidents - Audu Aruba, Adeyanju Adewale, and Kabiru Sani; General Secretary, Emmanuel Ugboaja; TUC President, Festus Usifo, and Scribe/Chief Executive, Nuhu Toro.

“Take notice that unless you obey the directions contained in the order of the National Industrial Court, Abuja, delivered by Honourable Justice Y. Anuwe on 5 June 2023, as per the attached enrolled order, you will be guilty of contempt of court and will be liable to be committed to prison,” the contempt notice signed by Senior Registrar, Balogun Olajide, read.


A duplicate of the prior restraining order was joined to the Form 48.

After the assistance of Form 48 on the affirmed "contemnors", they will be expected to promptly conform to the court order they are accused of disobeying..

Assuming they neglect to agree with the court request, the case will continue to the following stage which is the help of Form 49, notice to show cause on the reason an order for committal should not be given, on the claimed contemnors.

It is at this stage a preliminary will be directed to empower the court to decide whether the claimed contemnors have genuinely disregarded the referred to court order.

In the event that the court views them to be unquestionably blameworthy, it will send them to jail for a period which can go from weeks to months.

What are your thoughts on the protest, probable strike and the general status of the country and eonomy? Lett us know in the comments section.


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