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The slang ‘Idan’ is a popular Nigerian street word that has been trending on social media for some days now.


It is simply a way of expressing admiration for something or a sign of respect for wealthy personalities and performances.


Below are the five things to know about 'Idan'


1. It is a Yoruba word that is used for the expression of something wonderful and charming.


2. A faster way of giving accolades for someone's good performance.


3. It is mostly used by the Yoruba people in Nigeria.


4. It can be used for both positive and negative perspectives.


5. According to social media usage, Idan may refer to a "boss" or someone with peculiar abilities.


Examples of how 'Idan' has been used on social media. 


Aliko Dangote is a real Idan when it comes to doing business.


Idan withdraws money without joining ATM long queues. 


An Idan student doesn't take notes in class, but gets A's during exams.


Source: Emvic News

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